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SJ Around the Bay

The aims and Goals of Social Justice Around the Bay.
  • Aims to be a support for individuals and communities within our diocese that strive to promote social justice in accord with Gospel values and Catholic Social Teachings.
  • Recognises that achieving social justice is a team ministry within our church; that individuals and communities need to unite to effectively change the social and economic structures that cause poverty, the unjust distribution of the benefits derived from God’s creation and that strike at the dignity we have been given by God.
  • Has a website as a resource for prayers, Catholic Social Teaching, basic information on major social justice issues, links to other websites that focus on particular issues and a notice board for upcoming events. 
  • Facilitates the sharing of ideas through quarterly meetings and an email network. Such ideas might come from a parish project, a forum being held, a film night or conference.
  • Is able to show the Catholic/Christian “flag” by publicly joining coalitions that are not specifically Christian but campaign for goals consistent with Christian values, thereby providing political support.
  • By maintaining contact with other social justice research and advocacy groups, SJAB aims to carry their campaigns to a wider audience helping to ensure they are effective.
  • Welcomes like minded individuals and groups to advertise their social justice related events via a post on the website.
  • Provides an update on campaigns that have been supported by SJAB
  • Acknowledges that Climate Change is having and is expected to have its biggest impact on the poor and for this reason is a social justice issue. Consequently, it promotes action on Climate Change.